Perfect quality is
our major priority
Every day we develop
new ideas and bring
them to life
Efficiency and mutual
understanding are the keys
to high quality service

Our commitment to the quality consists of several stages:


On the stage of product development we ensure we use the materials, which meet the following criteria:
- Safety
- Outer appearance
- Durability
- Price

For each item we are filling in a product profile form with the information about the materials.

At this stage our designers and technologists collaborate on a document with comments and instructions for the manufacturing department.


Our technologists and designers supervise the purchase of materials. If the materials do not meet the confirmed standards, they are declined and have to be replaced.


The manufacturing of the prototype is supervised by our designers and technologists. At this stage we check and revise the instructions for the production department. All instructions are fixed in writing and archived, so that they can always be used for future projects. If the prototype does not meet the requirements of the model sample, the production sample has to be revised based on the instructions of the designer and the accountable manager within the shortest time.

On this stage we also check, if the sample meets the regional safety standards.


We have our own internal quality control system at the manufacturing facilities.

The manufacturing process of the outer plush coat includes 7 main control points:

1) The cut of the material: All cuts must match the templates

2) Machine sewing and stitch quality

3) Weight of the filling material and density of the stuffing – this is a very important step for mechanical toys because stuffing affects the motion of the module.

4) Hand sewing and stitch quality

5) Intermediate inspection of the items according to the production samples – completed by the head designer at the beginning of the final manual adjustment of the item's shape and before packaging.

6) Verification of toy's final shape and accuracy of packaging

7) Final random check of at least 3% of the whole batch completed by the designer or accountable manager, who must fill in an internal quality check document. The final acceptance report is signed at least 5 days before the shipping date. If the items fail the final inspection, we investigate the reasons of the problem and identify ways to tackle it. Usually, 5 days are enough to solve minor problems so that the goods are shipped on time. 

Manufacturing of the mechanical module includes:

- During the assembling process of the module's body and the mechanisms we measure, test and supervise:

* necessary amount of lubricating substance in the gear wheels, completing crash test
* electronic and the soldered joints
* power and speed motors
* electric leakage
* sound volume
* IC functions

- Final random check of the modules before delivery to the sewing workshop.
Usually we check no less than 2% of the whole batch. The check-up is completed by a technologist and an engineer. Basing on the results, we issue an acceptance report signed by the accountable persons.

- The first recheck in the sewing department.
Each mechanical module is checked in a completely isolated silent room. The check points are: sound, speed and smoothness of the module movements, undesired noises, intactness of the module's body etc.

- The second recheck in the sewing department.
Completed before plush coats and mechanical modules are assembled together. The check points are the same as in the first recheck.

- Last stage of operation control: checking the functioning of the module with batteries just before packing.
We check if the movements are synchronized correctly with the music; if intensity and speed of the movements match the model sample; as well as if the sound volume and its quality meet our standards.


Each toy batch has a sewn-in tag with the manufacturing date. In the event of reclamations we can quickly access our database and identify the reason of the problem. We maintain our defect rate below 1,5%.

Our achievements and innovations:


Our company has a leading position in terms of the sound quality. We pay great attention to the sound of our toys and that is why it is so much fun to hear them sing. We believe that the quality of the sound is a substantial part of our toys that delivers pure joy to our customers. We believe that the quality of the sound is a substantial part of our toys that has a great influence over customers satisfaction.


We created our own quality control system tailored to our production. Being very complicated items, mechanical plush toys require collaboration of experts from many different spheres. That is why we bring professionals in sewing, mechanics, electronics, sound design and animation together. Our experienced team of engineers, technologists and designers is always at your service to help bring all your ideas to life. 


We create music toys singing popular songs from all over the world. It is fascinating to interpret features of different cultures, languages and songs and give them a physical implementation in our toys. We invite you on our journey in the world of animated singing toys.  Select a song, poetry, seasonal greetings or jokes in your language and let us create something cool for you. Simply send us your ideas and an audio file, and we will make a fully customized sample for you.


By now we have produced more than 400 different toys, each of a distinguishing and original design. Even though sometimes we find inspiration for our future designs in other products, we always modify and develop existing ideas in our individual way, creating something unique. We believe that originality is vital for success.

We must work efficiently and understand our partners:


Each of our clients is supported by a personal assistant. This assistant is responsible for all matters related to the order, such as: shipping date, paperwork and development of new samples. The assistant approves production and shipping plan for each of his clients and reports to the head supervisor on a day-to-day basis. All arising matters or problems are solved promptly and without delays. The employees of our company are obliged to deliver all important information strictly in written form via email. It helps to avoid misunderstanding, disagreement or serious mistakes that could occur over phone calls.


All our documents are written in a  comprehensible and clear manner. For example, we issue invoices individually for each container, what helps to determine its exact capacity and to plan shipping costs.

3. MOQ

Our usual minimum order quantity is 2500 pieces, but for some items we are happy to offer you a MOQ starting from 1000 pieces and fewer. We want to make sure you have space to experiment and create. 


We are actively looking for partnership options and that is why our clients are much more than buyers for us. One of our goals is to establish a chain of local representative offices with distributors in different countries. Based on this aspiration, we build our relations with the clients, considering options for joint business ventures. We are happy to meet the expectations of our partners and negotiate flexible order terms and conditions. For example, we can commence the manufacturing process having received a minimum deposit only or even without it, just with a written warranty provided.


We are fully responsible for the quality of our products. Any defected items (note: not torn or dirty because of mishandling) can be returned to us and we will reimburse the costs after receiving a report from an independent appraiser company. We provide 1 year warranty for our items. Our company managed to achieve a very low rate of manufacturing defects below 1,5%. The rarely occurring defects are mainly minor problems with the plush coat or mechanical modules. We are proud to say that over the last 3 years our clients did not experience any regular or reoccurring defects.


You can choose an item from our existing range of toys. Should you have your own ideas and preferences, give us a note and we will create a sample for you . We can easily change songs, clothes and accessories of our toys to fit your imagination. This is how we make out toys unique unique and suitable local markets.

For example, if your market is France, you might choose soft pastel  fabric colors to create a more Provence look. Pick typically French accessories - chic and a la mode, add a French song you like, and you will have a toy tailored specially for French customers. Share pictures, videos and links you like with us, so we could have better understanding of your ideas.  You can also chose one of the items from our catalogue and tell us what do you want to change. Or just send us a picture of a toy you like. Do not forget to attach the audio-file in WAV-format (the copyright matters to be discussed directly). Within a week we will make a sample basing on your requests.


If you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (if you wish anonymously, too) at:


Your message will be reviewed by the CEO and the Owner within the shortest time.